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Getting Started on the PMHC MDS

Primary contact users at all PHN’s have now been provided with accounts.

PHN’s should now be creating Provider Organisations and, if required, setting up users at these Provider Organisations.

Provided here is a list of steps required for users at Provider Organisations to obtain access and upload/enter data to the PMHC MDS.

What steps does each Provider Organisation need to take before they can upload or enter data to the PMHC MDS?

Step 1. Decide whether to upload or manually enter data

Data can either be uploaded via an Excel spreadsheet or CSV files, or manually entered into the PMHC MDS. Each organisation will need to decide which method they will use.

Step 2. If uploading, decide how to create upload files for the PMHC MDS

Before uploading data, each Provider Organisation, in conjunction with their PHN, will need to analyse the data requirements and either organise to have their client management systems altered to produce the files required for upload or understand how to manually create the required Excel spreadsheets. Please refer to the Upload specification.

Step 3. Update client forms

Before uploading or entering data, each Provider Organisation, in conjunction with their PHN, will need to update their client forms in order to collect all the data required for the PMHC MDS. Please refer to the data specification and notes on creating forms.

Step 4. Obtain an account on the PMHC MDS

A user at a Provider Organisation will need to contact a user at their PHN who has the ‘User Management’ role and request that they create a new user account.

If the Provider Organisation is uploading data, the user will need to request the ‘Upload’ role.

If the Provider Organisation is manually entering data, the user will need to request the ‘Data Entry’ role.

If you are unsure who to contact at your PHN please contact the PMHC MDS Helpdesk.

Once this user account has been created and you have been granted the appropriate role, you are ready to upload/enter data.

Please note, A PHN may also decide to assign the ‘User Management’ role to a user at the Provider Organisation, which will allow the Provider Organisation to manage their users and users roles.

Step 5. Training and online user guide

The PMHC MDS offers various options for users to learn how to navigate and use the PMHC MDS.


We are continually trying to improve the user experience and greatly appreciate your questions, feedback and suggestions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us on

PMHC MDS Helpdesk open hours are from 10am - 6pm AEST/AEDT.