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About the PMHC-MDS

Funding by the Australian Government Department of Health has been provided to Primary Health Networks (PHNs) through a Primary Mental Health Care flexible funding pool to support commissioning of mental health and suicide prevention services in six key service delivery areas:

  • low intensity psychological interventions for people with, or at risk of, mild mental illness;
  • psychological therapies delivered by mental health professionals to under serviced groups;
  • early intervention services for children and young people with, or at risk of mental illness;
  • services for people with severe and complex mental illness who are being managed in a primary care setting;
  • enhanced Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health services; and
  • a regional approach to suicide prevention activities with a focus on improved follow-up for people who have attempted suicide or are at high risk of suicide.

The Primary Mental Health Care Minimum Data Set (PMHC MDS) will provide the basis for PHNs and the Department of Health to monitor and report on the quantity and quality of service delivery, and to inform future improvements in the planning and funding of primary mental health care services funded by the Australian Government.

The data reported by PHNs through the PMHC MDS will form the basis for production of key performance indicators used to monitor services delivered across the 31 PHN regions covered by PHNs.

Strategic Data Pty Ltd has been contracted by the Department of Health to manage the PMHC MDS on its behalf.

A specification of the data items to be collected in the PMHC MDS is available.

If you would like to be notified about updates to this specification or announcements about the rollout of the PMHC MDS please subscribe to the PMHC MDS mailing list by sending an email to with the subject “subscribe”. This is not a general discussion list. Only moderated users can send messages to this list.

Information about how to get started on the PMHC MDS is available and will be regularly updated.



Update to the PMHC MDS - 23/12/2020

PMHC MDS Update v1.5.4

We are pleased to announce that PMHC MDS Update v1.5.4 was released on December 23, 2020.

HeadtoHelp Hubs extension

The Primary Mental Health Care Minimum Data Set (PMHC MDS) has been extended to allow data collection for the HeadtoHelp Hubs programs. This extension is only to be used if your organisation is a HeadtoHelp Hubs intake or hub organisation.

The HeadtoHelp Hubs specification is available at

The PMHC MDS has been extended to allow upload, data entry and report filtering against this specification.

PHNs and their HeadtoHelp Hubs intake and hub provider organisations are able to either export data from their client systems and upload to the PMHC MDS or manually create spreadsheets that can then be uploaded. Example upload files are available in the HeadtoHelp Hubs Upload Specification at

Data may be uploaded in either Excel or CSV format.

There is a Developers PMHC MDS website available for testing/training purposes for PHNs, Provider Organisations and third-party developers. See:

The HeadtoHelp Hubs data entry interface is also available. It allows users to manually enter HeadtoHelp Hubs data through online forms as an alternative to uploading a spreadsheet or file. The HeadtoHelp Hubs User Guide is available at Information on adding HeadtoHelp data to an episode is available at

Reports have been updated so that they can filter episodes using either the existing !br20 tag or the HeadtoHelp Hubs !covid19 episode tag that has been introduced in order to support the Australian Government Mental Health HeadtoHelp Hubs program. Please refer to for full details of when and how to use these tags.

The following bug fixes been implemented in the reporting tab:

  • Fixed a bug so that only !wayback tagged records are included in The Way Back quarterly reports.

The user guides have been updated to reflect these updates. They are available at:


HeadtoHelp -

The Way Back -


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