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PMHC MDS Update v0.24.2

We are pleased to announce that PMHC MDS Update v0.24.2 was released on October 22, 2018.

The following features have been implemented in the reporting interface:

  • System report C3 - Episode type by Service Contact Intensity.

The following updates and bug fixes have been implemented in the reporting interface:

  • Column totals have been added to all reports where appropriate.
  • The Y axis on the A2 report now starts at 0.
  • Totals for the B series reports are reported as 100% not ‘-’, when appropriate.
  • The B4 report is now only available to users who have the Reporting role at a PHN. It was not meaningful to users who only had a reporting role at a Provider Organisation.
  • The C series reports now indicate whether counts or percentages are being displayed.
  • The C1 report has been updated so that where the Client - Estimated Date of Birth Flag is set to code 8 (indicating that Date of Birth is a dummy date), records with this value will not have their Date of Birth converted to a valid age group but be mapped to ‘Unknown’.
  • The C2 reports has been optimised so that it runs faster
  • The 7 major categories for diagnoses used in reporting have been changed so that there are now 8 categories for Principal Diagnosis and 9 for Additional Diagnosis. The updated categories are:
    • 000 - No additional diagnosis (Additional Dx only)
    • 1xx - Anxiety disorders
    • 2xx - Affective (Mood) disorders
    • 3xx - Substance use disorders
    • 4xx - Psychotic disorders
    • 5xx - Disorders with onset usually occurring in childhood and adolescence not listed elsewhere
    • 6xx - Other mental disorders
    • 9xx except 999 - No formal mental disorder but subsyndromal problems
    • 999 - Missing or unknown

The following updates and bug fixes have been implemented for uploads:

  • Resolved a race condition when deleting data via uploads.