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PMHC MDS Update v0.28.1

We are pleased to announce that PMHC MDS Update v0.28.1 was released on March 25, 2019.

The following features have been implemented in the reporting interface:

  • Key Performance Indicator Acc-1 - Access to low intensity psychological interventions.
  • Key Performance Indicator Acc-2 - Access to psychological therapies.
  • Key Performance Indicator Acc-3 - Access to clinical care coordination.
  • Key Performance Indicator App-1 - Youth receiving youth specific services.
  • Key Performance Indicator App-2 - Culturally appropriate services for Indigenous population.
  • Key Performance Indicator App-3 - 7-day follow-up of suicide risk referrals.
  • Key Performance Indicator Out-3 - Completion rates for outcome measures.

At this release disaggregation by client remoteness is not available for the pertinent indicators (Acc-1, Acc-2, Acc-3, App-1, App-2, App-3). This breakdown will be available in a future release. Disaggregation by age group and indigenous status is available as specified in the ‘Performance Indicators For Primary Health Network-led Mental Health Reform’.

The following updates and bug fixes have been implemented across the PMHC MDS:

  • Fixed a bug where the PHN name was not being displayed in the user roles table.
  • Fixed a bug where the Organisation Key column of the ‘View Provider Organisations’ table was showing the Organisation Path, not the Organisation Key.
  • Fixed a bug where SDQ total field was being displayed twice on the Collection Occasion ‘View Details’ tab.
  • Fixed a bug which caused upload errors when changing the end date of a closed episode while also changing the service contact date of the recent service contacts in the same upload.
  • Fixed a bug which caused upload errors where users were informed they could not upload organisation data in ZippedCSV files.

The user guide has been updated to reflect these updates. It is available at